MEKO explores new ideas and keeps up with the trend, producing special beverage drinks for consumers who like to try new things, adding endless newness and surprises to daily life.


1998 – Launch of MEKO Natural Mineral Water

The natural mineral water that passes through the underground rocks is extracted to make this product. The water is so pure, cool and delicious, replenishes the minerals the human body needs. In order to establish an unique and trendy image for MEKO, popular artist Vivian Hsu and girls idol group Cookies were adopted for the TV commercials, and were able to arouse consumers’ attention successfully. MEKO was also the pioneer brand to introduce fruity flavour mineral water to the local market. 


2006 – Launch of MEKO V Juice Drink Series

Lemon was the first flavour launched to the market. Vitamin C was added to the drink, so that consumers could enjoy both thirst quenching and replenishing vitamin C at the same time. This product provided an alternative for the pure juice drink. Apple and Mango flavours were launched later and they were popular among the children.


2011 – Launch of Balancy Series

“Balancy” was named after the English word 'Balance', which implied maintaining the balance within the body. In Chinese medicine, Yin-Yang balance is important for a healthy body. Therefore, Balancy acquires the quality herbal essence via extraction method in producing beverage drinks that help to maintain Yin-Yang balance and are good for the body. People often ignore the minor discomforts, so Balancy combines Chinese and Western herbal essence to produce natural herbal functional drinks with different flavours. They are convenience for consumption anytime and are suitable for Hong Kong people who have busy life. 


2012 – Launch of 100% Coconut Water

Ever since coconut has been bestowed with the ‘superfood’ label, coconut products are getting popular in international market, in particularly coconut water is favoured among the European and US celebrities. The natural electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, help to hydrate the body, replenishing the water loss after the exercise or excessive sweating. MEKO selects natural young coconuts from Thailand and packages the coconut water into cans with advanced technology, so that consumers can taste this natural and delicious healthy drink.


2001 – Launch of Pure Water

MEKO Pure Water uses local source water in Taiwan, and purified it via Reverse Osmosis Filter System to remove contaminants and heavy metal elements before filling into the bottle. The production process is under strict quality control that passes FSSC22000 and ISO9001 international quality safety certification. Therefore, each bottle of MEKO Pure Water is able to deliver pure and clear to the consumers.


2018 – Launch of Smiley Tea Series

Smiley represents Smiling face and happy. A smile can fade away the worries and troubles, while it can also passes the happiness to others. Smiley Series was launched for the first time, brewing with the whole leaf tea leaves and blending with delicious fruit juice and moisturizing honey. Smiley Tea Series add a little of sweetness to daily life. We hope everyone would smile from the heart after drinking MEKO Smiley Tea.